Reserve a product

Items cannot be reserved on our online store at the exception of items from our current collection within our own store.

In order to place a reservation, on the product page, click "Reserve in store".

You can contact your store to check product availability and reserve something if necessary.

For the contact information of our stores, visit the store locations section of our website at the following link: Find a store

Check store inventory

Every store can view the inventory of the entire Claudie Pierlot network. We suggest that you directly contact your store which will be best able to serve you.

For the contact information of our stores, visit the store locations section of our website at the following link: Find a store

Finding old collections

To find items from our old collections, we invite you to visit our outlet shops located at the addresses listed below:


  • - 26, rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris
  • - 6, rue de Marseille 75 010 Paris (+33(0)1 42 38 96 67)
  • - 12, rue de Guichard 75016 Paris (+33(0)1 45 25 31 27)
  • - 38, avenue Victor Hugo 75016 Paris (+33(0)1 45 00 46 95)
  • - La Vallée Village 3 cour Garonne, 77 700 Marne la Vallée (+33(0)1 64 63 79 54)
Item availability

When an item is temporarily unavailable via our online store, we recommend that you subscribe to our email alerts.

What is an email alert?
The email alert allows you to be informed by email of the arrival of a product in our online store. It is activated on each product page from the moment when a size is unavailable.

How to use the email alert feature?
To use the email alert feature, you must click on the unavailable size and enter your email address in the alert window.

I received an email alert notifying me of the availability of an item but it is not there.
The email alert is only sent when the product is again in stock in our online store. We cannot, however, guarantee the availability of the product as it is possible that other customers have purchased the product before you visit our online store.

An item no longer appears on the website. Why?
It is possible that at the end of the season some items disappear from our online store. These products are removed by maintenance because they are not available and are not restocked until the end of the season.

Product photos

The essential characteristics of items are presented in our online store on each of the item pages. Images, photos and colours of items sold may, however, not correspond to the actual colours due to differences caused by the web browser of the screen used.

Size of products

To know what sizes correspond to at Claudie Pierlot, we recommend that you check the size guide found on each product page.

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