Bag of tricks, a mixed bag, pull it out of the bag, let the cat out of the bag, bag a bargain, not my bag, mad as a bag of hammers…


In a nutshell, it’s all in the bag. And the bag is a story in itself.

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There is a bag for every type of woman.

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The origin of the hide is primordial.

At Claudie, it is made in Italy and this season it is highly detailed for a palette of original fabrics: snake or python embossed leather, foil leather, cracked, perforated or split leather. We think of the touch, of the first contact, the caress that unites a woman with her bag, because creating a bag speaks of sensuality.

Throughout the seasons we find, with her sharp lines, the Claudie themes and leitmotivs: the embossed logo, the chain with large tight links, the dotted lining, the jewelry, the monogrammed rivet…