- Complimentary shipping and returns.

- "Goodies" offers are only available on the eshop, unless mentionned otherwise. Offers are valid while stocks last.

- From September 9th (7pm) to September 19th (11:59pm), a complimentary shopper bag for the purchase of a dress*, a leather jacket** or a coat*** from the Fall-Winter Collection. The shopper bag's colour will be randomly selected when making your purchase.

- *Dresses: CFPRO00412, CFPRO00412, CFPRO00714, CFPRO00614, CFPRO00614, CFPRO01253, CFPRO01212, CFPRO01276 , CFPRO01331, CFPRO01262, CFPRO01275, CFPRO01347, CFPRO01254, CFPRO01247, CFPRO01247, CFPRO01296, CFPRO01194, CFPRO01190, CFPRO01188, CFPRO01193, CFPRO01349, CFPRO01202, CFPRO01233, CFPRO01196, CFPRO01327, CFPRO01351, CFPRO01263, CFPRO01235, CFPRO01283, CFPRO01186, CFPRO01319, CFPRO01345, CFPRO01231, CFPRO01339, CFPRO01201, CFPRO01208, CFPRO01230, CFPRO01221, CFPRO01340, CFPRO01344, CFPRO01209, CFPRO01320, CFPRO01322, CFPRO01329, CFPRO01328, CFPRO01218, CFPRO01288, CFPRO01324, CFPRO01321, CFPRO01346, CFPRO01290, CFPRO01224, CFPRO01317, CFPRO01258, CFPRO01286, CFPRO01191, CFPRO01333, CFPRO01255, CFPRO01277, CFPRO01217, CFPRO01313, CFPRO01256, CFPRO01336, CFPRO01280, CFPRO01257, CFPRO00951, CFPRO01128, CFPRO01130, CFPRO01134, CFPRO01060.

- **Jackets: CFPBL00116, CFPBL00128, CFPBL00166, CFPBL00176, CFPBL00176, CFPBL00177, CFPBL00171, CFPBL00160, CFPBL00165.

- ***Coats: CFPOU00237, CFPOU00260, CFPOU00260, CFPBL00130, CFPOU00384, CFPOU00329, CFPOU00354, CFPOU00332, CFPOU00334, CFPOU00405, CFPOU00379, CFPOU00373, CFPOU00382, CFPOU00337, CFPOU00316, CFPOU00364, CFPOU00319, CFPOU00320, CFPOU00400, CFPOU00346, CFPOU00318, CFPOU00352, CFPOU00335, CFPOU00330, CFPOU00376, CFPOU00342, CFPOU00336, CFPOU00398, CFPOU00378, CFPOU00357, CFPOU00339, CFPOU00365, CFPOU00420, CFPOU00348, CFPOU00348, CFPOU00403, CFPOU00399, CFPOU00399, CFPOU00359, CFPOU00350, CFPOU00360, CFPOU00344.