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Claudie Cares

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Tweed Jacket

No wardrobe is complete without the classic tweed jacket. This lovely wool garment pairs wonderfully with your most sophisticated outfits but can also be dressed down to sublimate a simple pair of jeans. In flawless black or accented beige, cream or ivory, this staple elevates your looks effortlessly one season after the next.

The Tweed Jacket: A True Wardrobe Staple

Women’s jackets are like accessories you can swap around to create completely different styles from the same outfits. By choosing the right fit, colour and material, you can highlight your ensemble to match your mood for the day.

Superbly sophisticated with a trouser suit or delightfully unexpected with your most casual pair of jeans, tweed lends its luxurious quality to one of the most versatile women’s jackets. A tweed jacket is the perfect companion for the cooler months.

Original Tweed Jackets by Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot’s women’s ready-to-wear collection features several tweed jackets. A dainty short ivory tweed jacket with gold officer buttons and rounded edges or a cropped two-tone tweed jacket with a straight fit and braided collar trim elevate any look.

And, for garments that match your philosophy, we have created the Claudie Cares line. Our Claudie Cares tweed jackets integrate certified recycled polyester and are manufactured according to strict social and environmental standards.

How to Choose the Right Tweed Jacket for Your Look?

Would you like to substitute your women’s denim jacket or your women’s leather jacket for a little tweed number? Ask yourself how you want to pair it. In black or cream, tweed jackets can pull off almost any style. And if you are unsure about the cut, a simple cropped version or a tweed blazer will pair beautifully with most outfits.

How to Wear a Tweed Jacket?

Gone are the days when a tweed jacket was the strictest piece of clothing you could only wear in a handful of ways. The modern tweed jacket will work wonders alongside a pair of slim-fit, straight-leg, or cropped flared jeans. Make sure to have few to no rips for a classy style. You could also play match-up by wearing a tweed skirt or a pair of tweed shorts, though denim and Bermuda styles create a surprisingly harmonious look. Finally, high heels will bring out your queenly side and the more formal nature of tweed, especially over a plain shirt or blouse.